Panel interview tips (you have never heard before)

What is a panel interview

Who can be interview panel members?

Panel interview tips

Practice good eye contact and positive body language

Find out how the panel will be consists of before the interview

  • How many panel members will take the interview?
  • Who will be in the panel? (Human resource person, the recruiter, hiring manager, etc.). Not sure? No problem. Ask the person who scheduled the interview.
  • On LinkedIn, look up those people’s backgrounds and other information.
  • Are you meeting with any technical person? If yes, how many people. Try to find out.
  • Who will be the more senior level on the panel?
  • What type of background people will be mostly on the panel? Technical background or non-technical background?

Bring some copies of your resume for each member of the panel

Ask enough questions

  • Write down some great questions. Please write it down in a notepad.
  • Take permission before bringing the notepad to the interview. 99% cases they will permit. You may ask for permission, ‘is it okay if I bring a notepad with some questions?’
  • You can direct your questions to a specific member or the entire panel when you ask them.

Make a connection

Thank each panel person

  • Express your gratitude for their time.
  • Shake the hand with each person of the panel.
  • Maintain eye contact with each member of the panel

Before leaving, ask these questions

Wrap up




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REMOTEful is a job site that specializes in remote work.

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